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What not to say during an interview

During an interview you are always upset, and sometimes the emotion makes us say phrases that could reduce our ability to get a job. For this reason, we decided to quote two of the most common and wrong phrases to say during a job interview.

In fact, what you say/don’t say, your behavior and your ability to appear contemplative and reflective can affect the interviewer’s judgment

Talk me about the job and about the company

With this sentence you will make the employer understand that you have not been interested in the fundamental aspects of the job and the company, and consequently leading him to question your seriousness as a candidate.

Rather specify some details you know and then engage in a conversation that pushes the interviewer to freely share more details and insights on the specifics of the job and the company without ever concluding that you did not even know the basics

In this way, the interviewer will believe that you really know the role you will play, making him remain impressed with your skills and giving you the opportunity to create an advantage over other competitors.

No, you answered everything, so I have no questions.

Never conclude an interview with this sentence, rather remain silent. Asking questions during the interview shows the interviewer much more than you want to know; it shows you how you think. And by allowing the interviewer to see how you think, you can gain an advantage over the competition.

For this reason, it is advisable to prepare thoughtful questions for the interviewer, and in case he answers all your doubts, try to elaborate on the moment further questions related to what you understood during the interview

Also make sure that the questions you ask are good questions in such a way as to demonstrate that you have a strategic mindset, useful to achieve the desired success.