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UK : PwC and Schroders will allow staff to work from home after Covid crisis

The staff of these two company will continue to work from home despite the end of Covid-19 pandemic, in fact the accounting company PwC, which employs 22,000 staff in the UK, has spotted that during lockdown people can be productive, engaged and happy working from home.

Not only Pwc and Schroders took this decisions,also others firms as Numis, Standard Life Aberdeen and NatWest Group decided that working remotely is the best choice for their business plans.

But the London mayor, Sadiq Khan, has second though about it:

“The key thing I think we need to understand is that if we all stay at home working it’s a big problem for central London,” he said in an interview with LBC. “Many small businesses rely on your workers going to work, the cafes, bars, the dry cleaners, the shoe repair shops and others.”