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How many times have you wished to communicate in person with someone during the pandemic or just too far away from you? A company in Los Angeles has created machines the size of a phone booth to transmit live holograms in your living room.

The device created by PORTL Inc, allows users to talk in real time with a life-size hologram of another person.
The hologram, seven feet (2.1m) tall, five feet (1.5m) wide and two feet (0.6m) deep,is easily projectable.
In fact what you simply need is a camera and a white background, then sends a hologram to the machine which was called by the CEO David Nussbaum (developer of Ronald Reagan’s hologram for the library of the former president and that of Tupac Shakur) “holoport”.

The machine costs $60,000, but in the future it may decrease over the next three to five years. The company also plans a smaller desktop device with a lower price at the beginning of next year.
In conclusion, the devices can be equipped with an artificial intelligence technology of the company Storyfile based in Los Angeles that allows you to store them, this obviously causes the price to rise to at least $ 85,000.