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John Academy: learning has never been easier

John Academy offers accredited online courses (more than 1,600)that are available for anyone who want to acquire a certification and take their professional careers to the next level in a quickly and easy way wherever they are and whenever they want.

Their mission is to offer a variety of courses of different levels for students to choose, satisfying any audience segment, also giving the chance to follow these courses using monitor-tablet-and-smartphone

Their platform it very easy to use, because you only have to create an account on it and enrol in the courses that they are offering. Not only that, whether they are a beginner or an expert, John Academy offers courses that are suitable for all people at various levels of their careers, so they can learn at their own pace. (CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION)

At the end,if you have successfully completed the course, John Academy will provide you a certificate to prove that you were able to pass all the requirements of the course.

Other service avaible for the users are:

  • Blog
  • Student ID Card: with this card students can get discounts in many national or private outlets,also will give you free access to amusement parks, seminars,exhibitions, or carnivals and using
    your student ID you can get discounted movie tickets, sports tickets, cheaper meals etc.

Below, you can find more information about costs and also what some students said about their experience, hoping that it can help you to take the chance to learn something new, improving your skills and your knowledge

“Course content are awesome! Greatest course I had this time”

Henry Lamb

“Excellent customer service, quick response, very helpful. Accredited courses. Defintely reccomend this academy”

Sally Payne

“I recommend to all. Because it’s really worth for money”

Denial Me