okta Canada Remote Full-time 2022-07-28

The Developer Platform team is responsible for providing tools and features that enable developers to be successful with the Okta product. Every developer knows that 3rd party tools and SaaS services are great, but you need to integrate them seamlessly, get to production quickly, and customize them to meet the strict experience requirements of the applications and services that you are building. The Developer Platform team makes this possible by building features into the Okta platform that facilitate the customization and integration of the vast array of applications and use cases that our customers bring to our platform.

Application developers expect a streamlined UI that allows them to go from proof-of-concept to production ready with minimal effort, and the goal of this team is to enable developers to be self-sufficient with the front-end aspects (UI and UX) of the Okta platform. This role is responsible for building features and components in the Okta Admin Console that help developers configure the Okta platform as the identity layer for their applications.

As a UI engineer on this team, you will contribute to these areas of the Okta product:

  • The Okta Sign-In Widget, a unique front-end component that is an integral part of the Okta product. If you’ve used Okta, you’ve used the Sign-In Widget.Ad

  • Areas of the Okta Administration Console which are tailored for developer use cases, specifically those for customer-identity focused applications.

  • Iterations on our developer signup and onboarding flow, helping developers find what they need quickly as they work with the Okta platform

Role Details:

  • Analyze/refine requirements with UX, UI teams for common reusable components, patterns and styles that need to be developed in the framework
  • Develop reusable components to enable other teams to easily implement UIs with rich and consistent look and feel
  • Work with management and architects to scope and plan engineering efforts and dependencies
  • Participate in code reviews, retros, and other continuous improvement activities
  • Participate in the UI guild, drive improvements in the common UI framework and knock down technical debt


  • 6+ years experience with one of the major JavaScript MVC frameworks (Backbone, Angular, React, etc.), along with a deep understanding of the JavaScript language.
  • Experience shipping user interfaces for production-grade applications in an agile, product oriented environment
  • Strong experience with cross browser compatibility and optimization techniques
  • Understanding of debugging scalable, high performance web applications built with reusability and componentization in mind
  • Understanding of web security attacks and prevention
  • Prior experience with consuming and/or designing REST APIs

Nice to Haves:

  • Knowledge of Identity and Access Management protocols and technologies: OAuth, OpenID Connect, SAML, Federation, SSO, etc.

Education and Training:

  • Bachelors or Masters in Computer Science, or relevant industry experience