The Democratic Party Remote Full-time

The Democratic National Committee’s Tech team is hiring a software engineer to work on tools to help candidates win elections and to empower progressives across the country.  The Tech team works closely with campaigns, state parties and the political ecosystem to provide the  tools and data they need to win. We need engineers to help us build the technological infrastructure and data pipelines needed by candidates running for everything from the school board to the presidency.  This engineer will primarily focus on our web applications.
This role is a remote role, on a remote-first team. This position is for the 2024 election cycle and will terminate on Nov. 15, 2024.

Who we are

  • The Tech team is a small, diverse team that develops and supports technology used by candidates and organizers across the United States to analyze data, organize campaigns, raise money, and get out the vote on election day.  You can read more about us on our blog on Medium.
  • We value diversity in perspective, lived experience, and the many paths one may take towards becoming an engineer. To that end, even if your experience doesn’t precisely match the job description, we still encourage you to apply.

Do you want to…

  • Secure the future of our country? A lot is at stake and our team has a huge opportunity to make a real difference.
  • Work with amazing people? We have built a diverse, distributed team, hiring the best people we can wherever they are—alumni from past Presidential campaigns, experienced product developers, e-commerce veterans, and more.
  • Never stop learning? We are blazing a lot of new trails and you should be comfortable exploring and learning from everyone you can.

You Will…(Job Responsibilities)

  • Communicate clearly and approach problems with curiosity and humility.
  • Work on full-stack web applications that deploy in AWS and integrate with other systems, including GCP, BigQuery, Okta and a vendored content management system.
  • Build front-end web pages using both React and Django templates.
  • Build appropriate back-ends depending on application. That can include job orchestration, GCP permissioning, voting location pipelines and more.
  • Work with fellow engineers, and people who use our products, to provide great user experiences.
  • Make a lot of people’s work easier — our team is focused on helping computers do what they do best, so we can save human time for things only humans can do.
  • Collaborate with peers within the DNC and our ecosystem to discover the best technology to help Democrats get elected.
  • Build for the long run, knowing that the mission of the Tech team is to continually improve the technology available to Democrats from campaign to campaign and election to election.
  • Other duties as assigned to support the department and the DNC’s mission.

Tech we work with often includes…

  • Python 
  • Django
  • Docker
  • SQL 
  • Google BigQuery and the related ecosystem
  • Astronomer, Apache Airflow, and other data workflow and orchestration tools
  • React
  • Cloud computing in AWS and GCP
  • Hashicorp Terraform for infrastructure-as-code

Requirements (Qualifications)…

  • We’re committed to learning on the job, and we’re looking for people who can roll up their sleeves and apply their data engineering experience to our distributed team. We are a remote-first organization, with teammates from both coasts and many places in between, and work closely with colleagues in DC. We’re looking for folks who already have experience writing code and working with data pipelines, but we do not require previous experience in politics! If you are coming from the tech industry, you’ll probably find that politics is a different world with its own set of challenges and frustrations. On the other hand, the impact and importance of your work cannot be overstated. The work you’ll do at the DNC will support campaigns, voters, and folks all across the country.
  • 2-5 years industry experience
  • Experience on web applications, including some front-end work and plenty of back-end logic