V3 Talent Partners Inc. Remote Full-time

Own product features (e.g. SMS subscription management, notifications, upsells, etc.)

Great Traits

  • Tech stack: Node, Typescript, Python, GraphQL, AWS
  • 1-5 years experience
  • Honest. Doesn’t lie by omission / believe in ends justifying the means.
  • Can grind (aka work longer hours).
  • Really good at something with high skill ceiling. Poker, piano, gaming, sports, past startup/project, anything.
  • Adventure-driven. We’re here to build a legendary company & make some fun memories (+hopefully lots of money).
  • Similar sense of humor. We’re rekking a $2.1B, 8 year old incumbent as a 1 year old company and it’ll be more fun if you think it’s hilarious. It’s pretty much trolling on a business level.
  • High delta in circumstances & outcome. Maybe you’re from a poor family (rich ok too) or maybe you started coding late, but it’s a pretty strong signal when you’re able to do much better than most people in your shoes would do.
  • Apolitical. Get shit done mentality (not performative). You don’t care about titles/getting promoted or moving into management (people who aim for management usually are not great at either IC or management). Bonus points if you’ve experienced a political company culture and it killed you inside (will do our best to make sure this never happens here).
  • EV-based decision-making. You prioritize things that make customers happy + make us money.
  • Contrarian (within reason). You study the status quo and efficiently try to break it in the right ways.
  • Autonomous. Can take vague requests and get them done without needing too much help (if you need dedicated mentorship, it’s not a fit).
  • Creative. 5 high quality ideas while working on 1 idea.
  • Comfortable parting ways if it’s not a great fit.