Sinch France Full-time 2023-11-15

Sinch Mailjet is looking for a Site Reliability Engineer to join our Site Reliability Engineering team! This team builds and operates the infrastructure at the heart of every Sinch Mailjet service. As an engineer on this team, you will be responsible for the day-to-day management of our global infrastructure. This would include monitoring and tracking key performance indicators, working with other engineers to ensure our products and services are appropriately resourced, automating all the things, and planning for future growth and scalability.


  • Work closely with product engineering teams to identity systems requirements
  • Build and support our cloud-based microservices infrastructure
  • Automate wherever possible – routine processes and remediation tasks shouldn’t require human intervention
  • Develop, monitor and track SLOs for the systems under management
  • Proactively troubleshoot, resolve, and plan for issues that typically come from support staff, other engineering teams, and our automated monitoring system
  • Ensure our datastores are healthy and operate at optimal performance levels
  • Contribute to our growing engineering team and culture!


  • Background in infrastructure, operations, or software engineering
  • Expertise with containers and orchestration systems like Nomad
  • Expertise with cloud providers such as AWS, GCP
  • Expertise with configuration management tools such as Terraform and Ansible
  • Expertise with modern monitoring tools like Prometheus and Grafana
  • Expertise with distributed data stores such as Cassandra, MongoDB, and ElasticSearch
  • A strong and nimble set of technical skills across technologies the team interacts with, such as commonly used infrastructure technologies
  • Proven experience in decomposing complex tasks into concrete tasks
  • Strong communication skills and proven track record of building strong relationships with peers and leadership
  • Experience operating and maintaining production systems in a Linux and public cloud environment
  • Demonstrated proficiency in providing mentorship to fellow team members