Boclips London, England, United Kingdom Full-time 2024-06-24

Role: Senior Software Engineer

Location: UK, Europe only (fully remote)

At Boclips we have a remote culture, which means we value working where we thrive not bound by office locations. The Boclips team is based from the UK to US, UAE, India and many places in between! (The product development team is predominantly based in the UK).  We’re a diverse and international bunch of kind, open-minded and productive people who share a connection to our work and improve educational outcomes for learners everywhere. 

Our product
We are building a platform of content for the global education market. We want to create a world where it’s easy to discover,  license and integrate videos into any learning experience. We partner with over 650 world-class content creators from Ted Talks and the Wall Street Journal to Crash Course and Sci-Show and curate media to a host of curricula and taxonomies. Making it relevant and specific to every learning journey.

The role
We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer with strong full-stack experience. In this role, you will work with other engineers to uncover requirements, and design and develop solutions which push our platform forward. We have no shortage of interesting problems to solve! You will help us improve content discoverability and delivery, subscriptions and orders management, payments and account management to name just a few.

Engineering team culture
Our culture is what sets us apart! We care about people and we care about problems. What does this mean in practice? 

  • No egos thanks! 
  • Pair Programming as much as possible to solve problems together.
  • Test Driven Development to help us design better solutions.
  • An open-minded, respectful, learning-focused environment.
  • Practitioners of  “You build it, You run it”.
  • Supported growth and development.
  • Quarterly hackathons.

Our tech stack

We leverage state-of-the-art technologies and work in an XP manner to deliver our solutions:

  • We use React on top of TypeScript for our front end.
  • We leverage an array of tools to ensure code correctness and quality — ESLint, Jest, React Testing Library, Cypress & Percy, to name a few!
  • Our backend services are written in Kotlin and Spring Boot.
  • We run our microservices on a Kubernetes cluster (GKE).
  • We utilise data services from GCP, AWS, Elastic Cloud and MongoDB Atlas.
  • We practise continuous integration and trunk-based development. We commit directly to main reserving Pull Requests for odd times when we don’t pair.
  • We run a pipeline-based continuous delivery system (we use Concourse CI).

We use Prometheus, Grafana. Jaeger and OpsGenie for observability and alerting.

Interview process
We’re not into take home tests, we prefer real world collaboration that represents the actual work you would be doing. That’s why we put a strong emphasis on working with the team and working on stories together during our interview process. 

  1. Initial screen with Rebecca on the talent team
  2. Meet Harsha, Head of Engineering
  3. Approx 2 hours of pairing with members of the team solving real problems together.
  4. Meet Ryan our SVP Technology

Please upload a cover letter letting us know why you are interested in the job and highlighting any experience that may be relevant!


  • You have vast experience building applications with React and TypeScript. Knowledge of Kotlin/Java is a plus but not a must!
  • You are happy to work across technology stack. One day you will find yourself working on the front end but the other day you might be changing one of the backend services. Don’t worry you don’t need to be an expert in all of it!
  • As a Software Engineer, you think in terms of holistic problem solving rather than technical implementations. You like to understand the business context and anything else that might impact the product. 
  • You are proactive. You can tackle larger problems and features, deal with ambiguity and can work your way through it. and can identify problems and provide solutions to them. 
  • You thrive in a highly collaborative environment. You are open towards Pair Programming and TDD and other Extreme Programming practices. 
  • You are open-minded and respectful even when you disagree. 
  • You advocate for writing high-quality code and leaving things in a better state than you found them. 
  • Great communicator in English.
  • Bonus points if you have experience building “microservices” and using Kubernetes!
  • You are happy to work within GMT +/- 2 hours with at least 6 hours of overlap with GMT and are based in the UK or Europe.


  • Salary £75-90k (if based in UK) or localised equivalent in your country of residence. Dependent on experience.
  • Discretionary annual bonus dependent on revenue performance (last year was 4%)
  • 30 days holiday + public holidays 
  • Benefits package according to location UK is
    • Vitality private health insurance
    • 4x salary life insurance, includes access to GPs (virtually)
    • 3% employer contribution (of pensionable salary). We offer salary sacrifice where you also get any saved employer NI.
    • Option to book hotdesking space using Tally
  • £500 learning budget
  • 16 weeks paid parental leave for the primary caregiver
  • Fully remote — our product team works from anywhere within GMT +/- 2 hours. With at least 6 hours of overlap with GMT.