Redox Remote Full-time

Redox is on a mission to accelerate healthcare’s transformation with useful data. Redox accelerates the development and distribution of healthcare products with a full-service integration platform to securely and efficiently exchange healthcare data. With just one connection, data can be transmitted across a growing network of 7,300+ provider organizations and 240+ healthcare products. Redox connections serve tens of millions of patient records per day, leveraging a single data standard compatible with more than 90 electronic health record systems.
Opportunity & Impact
In this role, you will help expand our ability to design and implement frontend and API-based customer-facing features. You will also have experience in backend engineering and can both take on backend tasks to augment frontend work, or shift entirely to backend work as the needs of the squad change. The projects you work on will range from features designed to empower our customers by exposing more system capabilities to them, to those intended to increase the scalability and stability of core services. You will work primarily in NodeJS, React, and Typescript, and will collaborate with a talented team to achieve clearly defined outcomes.

As a Sr. Software Engineer, your responsibilities will include:

  • Develop high-quality APIs and UIs for features and products in order to deliver quality customer experiences.
  • Lead technical design, coding, testing, debugging, and documentation of engineering and product initiatives.
  • Ensure the quality of our technical codebase through regular maintenance and the identification and resolution of tech debt.
  • Contribute to your team’s direction and goals, recommend technical solutions, and work with multiple engineers on the team to execute projects spanning multiple weeks to a month.
  • Work with your teammates, the broader engineering team, and the security team to ensure code and security standards/best practices are implemented.
  • Regularly support other engineers through thoughtful code review, code pairing, and mentorship in your area of expertise.
  • Participate in team on-call rotations.

Required Skills & Experience:

  • 5+ years of professional experience as a software engineer.
  • Strong experience in backend engineering, including experience with building APIs and working with databases.
  • Competent in front-end development, including experience building UIs, working with frontend UI frameworks and CSS frameworks.
  • Have demonstrated an ability to lead complex projects and work well with stakeholders.
  • Have built maintainable, well-tested, highly resilient systems and features.
  • Full-cycle SDLC experience, covering requirements, design, and development through testing, deployment, maintenance, and support.

Preferred Skills & Experience:

  • Prior history of working in a startup or growth-stage company
  • Experience in healthcare
  • Experience with FHIR
  • Strong understanding of UX and UI design principles
  • Experience working with a CI/CD pipeline and continuous release processes in a cloud-based environment
  • Strong understanding of security principles (e.g. authentication, authorization, least privileges, secure by default etc)

Software Platform/Tools Skills:

  • Required: React, NodeJS, Typescript, Postgres or another SQL database, and git
  • Preferred: AWS & GCP
  • UI/UX framework such as Mantine or BlueprintJS

What’s it like to work on an Engineering team at Redox?

  • Individual Growth and Learning over Immediate Results – Live in your learning zone while working on complex problems that will stretch you. We believe in taking learning time to develop your craft as a part of the work we do.
  • Context over Control – We believe good ideas can come from anywhere and want to empower you with context to do your work with high autonomy and to create an inclusive environment where you participate in broader decision-making with your teammates.
  • Confidence and Safety over Speed, Speed over Perfection – Work as an empowered developer to implement solutions designed by you or by teammates through the entirety of the SDLC, including testing, code review, deployment, and operationalization.
  • Ownership of Outcomes over Neatly-Defined Work – You will participate in on-call rotations and shared engineering responsibilities (with support from secondary on-call dev, SMEs, and playbooks!). We’ve put a lot of thought into making sure shared engineering responsibilities like on-call are equitably distributed throughout the team, don’t add an undue burden to our normal responsibilities, and provide opportunities for growth and cross-team collaboration.
  • Team Productivity over Individual Productivity – A collaborative work environment, you’ll pair with your teammates daily (we’ve been distributed since 2014!) to make progress on projects or solve problems as needed.