Nisum Remote Latin American Full-time

Nisum is a leading global digital commerce firm headquartered in California, with services spanning digital strategy and transformation, insights and analytics, blockchain, business agility, and custom software development. Founded in 2000 with the customer-centric motto “Building Success Together®,” Nisum has grown to over 1,800 professionals across the United States, Chile,Colombia, India, Pakistan and Canada. A preferred advisor to leading Fortune 500 brands, Nisum enables clients to achieve direct business growth by building the advanced technology they need to reach end customers in today’s world, with immersive and seamless experiences across digital and physical channels.
As a Senior DevOps you will be in charge of:
-Integrate observability best practices throughout the DevOps lifecycle using AWS, Dynatrace, Splunk, Grafana
– Develop and maintain automation scripts and tools for real-time monitoring and proactive system management
– Use advanced performance monitoring tools to swiftly identify and resolve system issues, maintaining SLAs
– Bridge gaps between development, operations, and business units, advocating for observability best practices and training team members
– Continuously innovate and improve observability with new tools and practices within the AWS ecosystem
– Document observability practices thoroughly, ensuring compliance with internal standards and regulatory requirements
– Track record of proactively identifying and resolving issues using observability data, improving system reliability
To be successful at this role, we expect you to have the following experience and skills:
– You must reside in Chile or Colombia
– Advanced English skills
– Proficiency with AWS CloudWatch, Dynatrace, Splunk, Grafana