VEED.IO London, England, United Kingdom Full-time 2022-07-29

VEED.IO is an online video editing platform that makes creating videos easy and accessible to everyone. Millions of creators around the world use our products to tell stories, create content, grow their audience and more (hey, you might even know some of them!)

We are at a super interesting stage right now: 24 months ago we had no staff and no money. Now things are going pretty well. We are profitable, we have 100+ people, and we are one of the most popular video editors in the world. As our user base grows, so does our talented team — we’d love for you to be a part of that journey.

Render team is responsible for maintaining the render-node (a native application that runs in the cloud written in C++), as well as the composition of elements using graphics technologies. We strive to write performant, readable and maintainable code, enjoy learning new technologies and work on cutting-edge software. Recently we have been working on integrating emscripten into our workflow as well as Nvidia GPU technology. We also like catching up every now and then, for a non-competitive game of ping pong or go-karting.

The Role

We are looking for an experienced modern C++ software developer to join our fully remote team. You can be based from anywhere. We’re open to exploring new technologies and ideas and we look for people that will help us push our technology.

We use

  • C++ 20
  • JavaScript/Typescript
  • Emscripten and Wasm
  • OpenGL, WebGL
  • Linux/Windows (we support development on any of these platforms)
  • Google Test
  • Video/Audio pipelines: processing video content, decoding, encoding, compression
  • Computer graphics: APIs like OpenGL, Vulkan, Metal, DirectX, shader languages

We are looking for people with knowledge of some of these topics

  • Video codecs, video streaming
  • AI, ML
  • Image processing
  • Audio programming
  • Wasm
  • Linux, cloud, containers

We are very flexible!

Want to work from home, with your dog on your lap?

Feel like working in a cafe for a day?

Swapping a weekday for a weekend?

Need a few days off?

Working a half-day?

All of the above is 100% fine with us!

Our entire team is remote and always has been. As long you are happy, we are happy — you will have the freedom and autonomy you need to make decisions and do your best work. Our team is smart, energetic, extremely talented and driven. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we all love what we do.