Kraken Digital Asset Exchange Remote Full-time

About Kraken
As one of the largest and most trusted digital asset platforms globally, we are empowering people to experience the life-changing potential of crypto. Trusted by over 8 million consumer and pro traders, institutions, and authorities worldwide – our unique combination of products, services, and global expertise is helping tip the scales towards mass crypto adoption. But we’re only just getting started. We want to be pioneers in crypto and add value to the everyday lives of billions. Now is not the time to sit on the sidelines. Join us to bring crypto to the world.
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Product Marketing Manager, Futures and Derivatives
Kraken is scaling the product marketing org to match our increasing depth and breadth of products. As the product marketing manager over our futures and derivatives products, you’ll be responsible for making the value propositions for these advanced trading strategies to our “Pro Traders” and driving the adoption among them. In this highly collaborative role you’ll partner closely with product managers, growth marketers, content writers and designers to work on new listings for Futures contracts. You’ll need to deeply understand the in-product workflows and cross-surface messaging that support new and existing clients in successfully trading futures and derivatives. Not only will you serve as the client’s voice, but also a “voice of field,” understanding  pain points when positioning the product to prospective clients. 
What You’ll Do
• Develop segment strategies for new and existing clients to trade futures and derivatives
• Guide the critical path for cross-functional stakeholders (product managers, marketing ops, etc) related to the listing of new futures contracts 
• Plan and execute go-to-market strategies for new products and features by framing the positioning, messaging, and value propositions for each relevant client segment 
• Take a diplomatic leadership approach to involve stakeholders early and get cross-functional work done; be a proactive leader and decision-maker that can rally leaders around a common problem or goal
• Use sound product sense in marketing every day: identify the problem we are solving for, our hypothesis, what goals we will set and how we measure them, what channels are best to use, what we should do now, next, and later, and plan we will scale and automate 
• Create and share intel on competing products and marketing; summarize what is working well and what is not and how we will differentiate ourselves; know our products, our competitors products, and the differences between them better than anyone
• Make data-driven decisions when framing hypotheses, determining product-market fit, evaluating campaign performance, and setting goals
Who You Are
• You have 7+  years of experience in B2B Marketing in a fintech, tradefi or financial services org
• You have a deep understanding of the value proposition of futures and derivatives as well as their unique regulatory characteristics that shape go to market and client engagement activities. 
• You’re familiar with crypto futures and the differences between futures, derivatives and other types of trading
• You have an ability to move from ambiguity, synthesizing complex operational needs, to planning, communicating with stakeholders and then taking action
• You enjoy digging into the details and don’t shy away from advanced technical or financial concepts 
• You’re a concise speaker, storyteller and writer: you can slice, dice, and distill a narrative from a complex data set into an executive summary 
• You’re an ally to product managers and other marketers, often volunteering to test alphas/betas, lead inbound customer research, and seek diverse perspectives
• You can be the antithesis of a lone wolf: you clearly communicate and involve stakeholders early and often and work to secure buy-in, address concerns, and incorporate feedback 
• You’ve got an ease about you: you address urgency head-on and handle difficult, ambiguous situations with a clear, cool head and an open mind