opensesame Remote Full-time 2024-03-19

About OpenSesame

OpenSesame's mission is to help develop the world's most productive and admired workforces. We deliver a comprehensive catalog of eLearning courses from the world's top publishers. We add value to customers through their entire learning journey.

While it appears to most people that we just sell training courses (over 30,000 of them), what we really offer is the opportunity for companies to upgrade the skills of each of their employees.

We are at a pivotal time in our growth as we diversify the ways we drive revenue. We've expanded our product offering dramatically, and have a growing network of partners that is developing into a vibrant channel. Our customer base has high satisfaction ratings and there is room to grow our retention even more.

Position Overview 

This is an exciting and unique opportunity to help sell a new solution. You will work with and learn from established entrepreneurs within a stable company. The opportunity provides you a way to quickly grow your career. This role will open doors for future positions within OpenSesame. In this job, you will work with the Career Exploration product and engineering team, as well as sales, customer success, support and implementation. This provides great learning and networking opportunities for understanding the future of your career at OpenSesame.

You will be reporting directly to the GM of CourseCloud and Career Nav, a fast growing business unit working with the CEO, President and cross collaborating with departmental VPs. You will help build OpenSesame from the emerging leader in enterprise business training to the clear, worldwide leader for the future of learning. 

Specifically, you will help lead the sales and market development of course delivery in the flow of work, personalized learning and career mapping, resulting in a solution that your customers will love. If you want this opportunity, we need to talk. We will discuss the key performance objectives below, and want to hear how you would approach them and experience in solving similar objectives. A positive, fast-moving, solution oriented attitude is critical.  

Performance Objectives:

  • Sales Enablement Achievement: Using your skills and experience to enable our CSM and Sales teams to not only meet but exceed their demo targets for CourseCloud and CareerNav within your first 30 days. Your strategies and insights have directly contributed to our sales momentum.
  • Opportunity Qualification Impact: Within the initial 30 days, your ability to identify and expand opportunities for our existing customers has significantly enhanced our sales pipeline quality and conversion rates. Your collaboration with the CSM team has pinpointed our ideal prospects, making a notable difference.
  • Pilot Success: Your work over the first 60 days to baseline our pilot program’s conversion metrics and revenue projections, and your strategies to improve these rates, have set a strong foundation for our pilot programs’ future success.
  • Customer Engagement Excellence: Going above and beyond in engaging with our prospects, offering them in-depth responses and additional demos within your first 60 days. Your efforts have elevated our customer interactions beyond our standard sales follow-ups.
  • Pilot Enhancement: In your first 90 days, your collaboration with pilot customers to identify and implement product improvements has been invaluable. Your insights have significantly enhanced our pilot program's implementation and support processes.
  • Sales Collateral Development: Your initiative to develop and update our sales collateral within the first 90 days has greatly enhanced our team's performance. The materials now better serve our sales goals and resonate more effectively with our customers’ needs.
  • Marketing Collaboration Achievement: Your close work with the marketing team over the first 90 days has been crucial in creating and refining marketing collaterals that align perfectly with our sales objectives and customer expectations. Your contributions have been pivotal in amplifying our market presence.
  • Strategic Market Insights: Within the first 180 days, your partnership with marketing to enhance our competitive analysis has been instrumental in shaping our market strategy and product features. Your insights have given us a competitive edge and a clearer direction.
  • Support and Implementation Innovations: By improving our support and implementation process within the first 180 days, you have documented significant enhancements that promise better scalability and customer satisfaction. Your systematic approach to process improvement has set new standards for excellence.

You might notice we don’t have the requirements, qualifications, and minutia of typical job descriptions. We don’t care about that as we do not hire based on specific buzzwords, technologies, or popular acronyms on your resume. 

We are looking for specific examples from your previous experience that proves you can do this job successfully. We want you to advance your career and are looking for someone who will be excited by this challenge, knowing they can lean on the leadership team around them for growth.

Compensation: The base pay for this position depends on experience. At OpenSesame, we offer a comprehensive benefits package to employees upon hire, including professional development, ISOs, health insurance, 401(k) matching, and paid time off. We carefully consider a wide range of compensation factors, relying on market data to determine compensation and consider your specific job family, background, skills, and experience. We prioritize pay transparency, fairness, and equity to create a positive and inclusive work environment, regularly reviewing our compensation practices to align with our values and goals.

Location: This position can be based anywhere in the U.S. All positions will require up to 30 days of travel per year for company-wide events (typically January, May, and September). Senior Management and Leadership Team members will require up to 35 days of travel.

Performance Driven: We're looking for self-starters with a track record of delivering excellent results, but we're highly selective about who we hire. We don't focus on typical job requirements, instead, we're interested in specific examples from your past experiences. All positions can be based anywhere in the US, and require up to 15 days of travel per year, with senior management and leadership teams requiring up to 35 days.

Equal Employment Opportunity: OpenSesame is an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer that values and welcomes diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of various legally protected characteristics, including criminal history, and strive to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities. We prioritize safety and security and may use your information accordingly, and you can contact us for assistance or accommodations during the job application process. For more information on our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives, click here.

CPRA (California Candidates): When you submit your application, OpenSesame may collect and use your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy and the CPRA. This may include personal details and employment history, and will only be used for employment-related purposes. We may share this information with third-party service providers, but we will not sell it to third parties. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us, and for more information on your rights under the CPRA, refer to our privacy policy or the California Attorney General's website.