LiveChat Remote / Poland Full-time

Our product has over 100 000 users and most of them are “Agents” also called “Support Heroes” or just “Support Specialists”. They spend every workday helping their customers and solving their problems. This work usually means a lot of “multitasking” as good agents have 4 or 5 chats simultaneously, switching between different tools and repetitive tasks. We want to ease their lives and reduce cognitive load by automating part of their work. We also want to build a world-class user experience in an essential part of our application – the Chats section, so “Agents” will be able to focus solely on high-quality support for their customers.
We are looking for an experienced Product Manager who will lead one of our strongest product teams. We want you to go into Agents’ heads and build product that will help them work super efficiently.

You will:

  • Assemble and lead the product team;
  • Own the strategy stream and its roadmap;
  • Propose projects that contribute to strategy stream success in a measurable way (e.g., by displaying a meaningful change of proxy metrics);
  • Execute projects, and analyze and communicate their outcome;
  • Be part of the LiveChat Product Management team, which consists of Product Managers, Functional Leads, a UX Researcher, and a Product Specialist;  
  • Collaborate with marketing teams, sales department, and other product leaders to design and execute growth experiments.

You are:

  • A team player: you work together with a team, you prefer a joint win instead of single-played execution;
  • Oriented on personal growth: you enjoy learning new skills, growing your toolkit, and reaching for new challenges;
  • Product-obsessed: building products is something that you’re naturally attracted to;
  • A problem solver: you love to solve problems and ask questions, you’re interested in how things work;
  • Transparent in communication: you share your updates early and often, and you appreciate honest communication.

Our ideal candidate has:

  • +3 years of experience in the leadership of SaaS products, preferably in product leadership and management roles;
  • The confidence in working with data and formulating hypotheses;
  • A track record of running successful experiments resulting in product discovery, practical conclusions, and product growth;
  • The courage to move fast, make bold business decisions, and the capacity to sustain tight product cycles;
  • An excellent command of the English language.