vonage Remote - US (East Coast) Full-time 2024-06-11

Provides ongoing order management support to the Project Management, Professional Services team by improving the quality of orders to reduce the time frame from the time of sale to project kickoff. This individual will be responsible for completing order reviews, manage incomplete orders and approve orders for assignment.

Schedule: 8:00am – 5:00pm EST 


  • Minimum 1+ years experience in order management
  • Excellent Communication Skills – strong written and verbal communication
  • Interpersonal Skills – establishes and maintains good working relationships
  • Action Planning- organized, detail-oriented, prioritizing tasks, making decisions, assessing progress and making changes if necessary
  • Commitment/Motivation – results driven, effectively work in a high volume, fast-paced environment 
  • Initiative – anticipating challenges and opportunities, setting and achieving goals and acting independently
  • Problem Solving – thinking things through in a logical way in order to determine key issues and solutions, often also creative thinking
  • Teamwork – being constructive, performing your role and responsibilities, listening and encouraging colleagues
  • Flexibility – ability to handle change and adapt to new situations

Technical / Functional Responsibilities include:

  • Provides administrative support to Project Management, Professional Services team.
  • Manage various reports. 
  • Manage and prioritize workflow for Order Assurance team to ensure orders are reviewed and approved in a timely manner to begin the implementation process
  • Perform quality assurance duties on a daily basis, including:
    • Complete quality review of orders aligned with Professional Services requirements on a daily basis
    • Accurately determine order status based on requirements
    • Track and report order review status to keep order details up to date
  • Manage incomplete orders on a daily basis until all outstanding items have been resolved, including:
    • Proactively identify and recommend steps to resolve outstanding incomplete orders
    • Effectively work with multiple departments, including Sales to obtain missing information and documents to resolve all outstanding issues using all Vonage approved communication applications. 
    • Track and report every Sales interaction to keep order status and outstanding details up to date
  • Work with multiple departments to provide internal assistance and training
  • Provide customer focused support using clear and descriptive methods
  • Assist with conference call, meeting setup and other logistics, including:
    • Track and capture meeting minutes 
  • Learns and complies with Vonage Project Coordination practices and policies.
  • Assists with special projects and additional relevant duties as assigned