AlgaeCal Dominican Republic Full-time 2024-06-03

Scroll-Stopper Wanted: Your video editing is sharper than a samurai’s sword. Your paid-media ads grab people by the eyeballs and force them to stop scrolling. And your animations are good enough to turn Bob Iger green with envy. Sound like your skillset? That’s good! Because we’ve got an exciting opportunity for a remote Motion Graphics Video Editor/Designer to join our team. 

This job will give you ALL the feels:

At AlgaeCal, we’re driven by a single vision: a world without fear of fracture or bone loss. In the United States, an estimated 54 million people have crumbling bones. And they’re scared. Scared of fractures. Scared of breaks. And, most of all, scared of losing their independence. 

The good news? AlgaeCal has the world’s only clinically-backed natural solution to this problem. We give hope to thousands of frightened people. If that excites you, you’ll find no better place to continue your career than at AlgaeCal. 

You’ll love it here:

You’ll thrive in our high-performance culture. At AlgaeCal, we won’t crush your soul with pointless projects that collect dust. We aim high and execute fast. So, if you’re ambitious and ready to make an impact on a MASSIVE scale—minus the Madison Avenue burnout—then this is the career opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

This job might be for you if you’ve got…

  • A portfolio that knocks our socks off. We’re looking for your proven ability to produce ads that deliver drool-worthy conversion & click-through rates. 
  • The ability to format video, motion graphic and design files for different sizes and types in your sleep! You’re also highly skilled at creating variations through color, animation, and messaging.
  • 3+ years of experience in video editing and motion graphic animation. Preferably some of your experience is creating content for paid media in an eCommerce environment. Bonus Points if your portfolio included examples from the health and wellness industry. 
  • A sponge-like attitude toward feedback. You’ll engage in vibrant discussions with both creatives and non-creatives, ready to soak up insights and adapt your designs as needed. But it’s not just about flexibility; we’ll also value your ability to champion your design ideas when they truly matter. 
  • You know After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Da Vinci Resolve like the back of your hand.
  • An encyclopedic knowledge of all things Adobe Creative Suite. We’ll also expect you to be a whizz with platforms like, Miro,  or similar platforms. 
  • There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it—you’ll need solid experience as a top-notch Motion Graphic Video Editor/Designer to succeed in this role. 
  • A brain the size of a small planet! In this role, you’ll need to think imaginatively and act strategically to deliver assets that engage, inspire, and delight our audience. 
  • Solid knowledge of design and marketing. Sorry, but if you think a ‘funnel’ is a cake, this isn’t the job for you. 
  • A horrible allergy to advertising assets that don’t deliver good ROAS and CTR. 
  • An insatiable hunger for tailoring animations and videos for a variety of platforms. You’re nifty when it comes to adjusting sizes, experimenting with color schemes, and animations. In fact, your work rate is so fast, people sweat just watching you!

If you’re reading this and thinking, “Wow, that sounds exactly like me!” We would love to hear from you. If it doesn’t, no worries! We’re only seeking candidates who will immediately light up this role. 

What Will You Earn? 

Let’s agree on salary and paid vacation once we know what you offer, but our goal is to pay above market rate for your unique skills.

You’ll also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Remote work is AOK with us 🙂
  • An exciting team culture. From creative events to fun-filled activities, we make sure everyone, near or far, feels plugged in and valued. 
  • Professional Development: You’ll get the opportunity to attend professional development conferences or workshops that will enhance your skills, expand your network, and drive your career forward with our support! And of course, we’ll cover your fees, accommodation, travel, meals, and any related materials or resources.

And above all, you’ll join a team that you’ll never want to leave. Culture is everything to us. Yes, we work extremely hard to change as many people’s lives as possible. But we know how to have fun and reward ourselves too.

How To Apply

So, do you have what it takes to become the next member of team AlgaeCal?

Job opportunities like this don’t come along often, and we’ve got a lot to offer our successful applicant. So, to make sure our future Motion Graphics Video Editor/Designer is the real deal, will be a great fit, and will thrive at AlgaeCal, we ask a little more than your run-of-the-mill job application:

If this sounds like a position for you, please respond to this advertisement with your resume and cover letter. Please, read carefully:

1. Write a cover letter addressing:

  1. Why you’re the best Motion Graphics Video Editor/Designer for this role. Give quantifiable examples of related achievements.
  2. Describe why you fit perfectly with our values. Read them here:
  3. What’s the toughest challenge you’ve ever overcome in your life? How did you overcome it?
  4. What are the last three books you’ve read?
  5. What do you do for fun?

2. Explain what you’re doing now for a job:

  1.  If you don’t have one, explain why.
  2.  If you have one, explain why you’re looking elsewhere.

3. Upload your cover letter and resume:

  1. Ensure that your cover letter and resume are saved and sent as one file.

4. Attach a link to your portfolio. 

  1. Don’t forget to include a link to your portfolio. Our design team is looking forward to seeing what you can do!  

That’s it! We know our hiring process is challenging, but it’s our way of selecting the best —and your way of ensuring your AlgaeCal teammates are top-notch.

Click the “Apply Now” button on this page and upload your cover letter, resume and portfolio.

***Note: Please include your cover letter WITH your resume and portfolio in one document. Applications without a cover letter will not be read!

We are looking to hire as soon as we find the right person, so act quickly and you can also expect a prompt response.