stealth Remote Full-time 2022-07-25

About the Stealth Venture:

We are on a mission to modernize provider network management. With an intense focus on provider credentialing, StealthCo is in a position to elevate patient trust and vastly improve healthcare administration by consolidating and simplifying disparate point solutions. 
To ensure patient safety, any practitioner providing care is required to be credentialed. Multi-step and often tedious, the 2-6 month process verifies the practitioners’ qualifications to practice medicine. StealthCo will accelerate providers’ access to patients by automating many of the manual processes associated with credentialing and enrollment. The comprehensive workflow platform will streamline and expedite practitioner data gathering, verification, committee approval and payor enrollment, with enriched monitoring to keep healthcare organizations apprised of changes to their networks.

As the Head of Product of our StealthCo, you will have the opportunity to join an innovative healthcare startup on the ground floor. You will report to, and work with, the stealth venture’s CEO. The position can be fully remote within the United States.

What you'll do:

  • Own StealthCo’s product development & roadmap
    • Define product roadmap, ruthlessly prioritizing key features for our target GTM customer base
    • Drive the development of a modernized credentialing and validation product which enables the workflow of identified personas  
    • Drive the creation of an enterprise data platform that allows for on-demand, ad-hoc reporting capabilities
    • Define, and manage to, the Product organization’s OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), contributing to the overall success of Gemini’s culture and growth
    • Define and manage the cross-functional product development life-cycle processes, from concept to launch
    • Manage the product organization’s budget, including build vs buy technology decisions
    • Maintain the product roadmap and vision
  • Serve as an executive leader & business partner
    • Work cross-functionally with other organization leaders, such as sales and operations, to translate organizational needs into the product roadmap
    • Partner with strong engineering, design, and analytics counterparts, acting as a contributor and thought leader to drive the successful execution of the product vision
    • Support our B2B sales effort by serving as a product evangelist for key leads during the sales cycle
  • Build the product team & establish culture
    • Create the product organization’s hiring roadmap; defining areas of product ownership for and later growing and managing a team of future Product Managers (functional areas could include, but are not limited to: Core Product PMs, Credentialing PM’s, Network Management PM’s, Integration PM’s, Data Analytics PM’s, UX Designers)
    • Build a product organization that relies on both qualitative and quantitative feedback loops, as well as a strong data infrastructure and data-driven product culture

What you’ll need:

  • Background
    • 10+ years of product management experience
    • 5+ years experience with enterprise B2B, SaaS products requiring extensive integration and complex data structures
    • 5+ years managing three or more product managers; you understand how to lead teams to fulfill a company vision, motivate employees, build team culture, and run a productive product organization
    • Proven ability to take a digital product from conception to reality (0-1), including experience defining KPIs and owning the product roadmap, vision, and strategy
    • Experience managing budget and working cross-functionally to make productive resourcing decisions and tradeoffs
    • Excellent communication skills: a successful candidate will have emotional intelligence, and should be diplomatic, charismatic, persuasive, and credible to a wide variety of audiences, both internal and external
    • Experience as a data-focused product leader – proven ability to use user research and data to build products
    • Proven experience building products that drive enterprise ROI
    • Experience working with products that have a data centered business model
    • Solid foundational experience with integrations, data collection, and KPI tracking
  • Technical Skills
    • Strong product management framework – expert ability to translate research insights and user needs into features and product improvements for either enterprise or end users   
    • Strong ability to create the initial product roadmap and quantitative analysis to determine features and measure success with definitive KPIs
    • Experience with buy v. build decision thinking; understanding of how to make those decisions and what it will take to integrate various vendors
    • Ability to build product organizations and coach teams    
  • Behavioral Skills
    • Manages Complexity. Asks the right questions to accurately analyze situations. Acquires data from multiple and diverse sources when solving problems. Uncovers the root causes of difficult problems. Evaluates pros and cons, risks and benefits of different solution options. Makes sense of complex, high-quantity, and sometimes contradictory information, to solve problems.
    • Empathizes with the User. Gains insight into user needs. Identifies opportunities that benefit the user. Builds and delivers solutions that meet user expectations. Establishes and maintains effective customer relationships. Delivers user-centric solutions.
    • Strategic Mindset. Anticipates future trends and implications accurately. Readily poses future scenarios. Creates competitive and breakthrough strategies that show a clear connection between vision and action. Seeing ahead to future possibilities and translating them into action.
    • Drives Results. Has a strong bottom-line orientation. Persists in accomplishing objectives despite obstacles and setbacks. Has a track record of exceeding goals successfully. Pushes self and helps others achieve results. Consistently achieving results, even under tough circumstances.