theroom Remote Full-time 2024-02-12

Do you thrive in fast-paced environments and excel at steering dynamic teams? Have you successfully cultivated tech communities and are now ready to elevate your impact to new heights? Are you seeking more than just financial impact, aspiring to be part of a transformative journey that touches lives profoundly? Are you passionate about immersive technology and always at the forefront of innovation?

Well, this might just be the job for you! As the Global Community Lead, you will cultivate and grow our ALX Fellowship tech community, leading it to be the largest tech community in the world.



Africa has an untapped talent pool that is increasing exponentially, with a projected workforce that will exceed India and China by 2035. Fuelled by this, our mission is to create work opportunities for millions of Africa’s youth and solve the world’s shortage of technology talent. 

Our company SAND has 450+ staff members from 48+ countries with plans to acquire several companies around the world to become a multi-billion dollar global technology services provider that employs over 100K employees across the globe.


We have 2 brands represented in our ecosystem:

  • With ALX, we're cultivating the fastest-growing pool of technology talent globally, training aspiring professionals in software engineering, cloud computing, data science, and Salesforce across over 60 countries. ALX fosters a vibrant community for top tech talent, igniting transformative careers by connecting top technology talent with extraordinary opportunities for impact.
  • Through Sand Technologies we support enterprises and scale-ups around the world to develop world class technology products, build great technology teams, generate more revenue, and deliver outstanding customer experience. Our clients include one of the largest cloud computing providers in the world as well as Bestseller A/S (Denmark), Create Prime (New Zealand), Stanbic Bank (Kenya), and Tamara (Dubai). 

With varying levels of expertise in software development, data, cloud, machine learning, artificial intelligence, UX design, web development, etc, we providing unparalleled opportunities to technology talent worldwide while reshaping industries, disrupting traditional business models, and creating new opportunities for innovation and growth.

We do hard things!



By prioritising relationships over transactions, ALX fosters lifelong connections that extend beyond program completion, through the ALX Fellowship. In this community, graduates are empowered to engage global opportunities through continuous professional development and networking, all while fostering innovation and creativity. Our big audacious goal? Creating 2 million jobs in Africa by 2030. 

Our community is nurtured globally online, as well as activated in-person across key markets, such as Nairobi, Lagos, Accra, Johannesburg, Kigali, Addis Ababa, Casablanca, and Cairo. Being the Global Community Lead for the ALX Fellowship, you will be at the forefront of crafting and executing world-class community engagement strategies, while guiding the team to successfully achieve their objective of building the largest tech community in the world, starting with the African continent.



More specifically your role will include:

  • Leading the team that is building and nurturing the ALX Fellowship into a dynamic, world-class tech community to accelerate the careers of our fellows.
  • Establishing the overarching community engagement strategy for the Fellowship, locating this community in tech, leadership, and work readiness skills. This engagement should catalyze powerful, transformative shared experiences, and foster relationships for each audience segment, both in online and in-person activations.
  • Being a subject matter expert on Tech industry insights and the future of leadership in the fourth industrial revolution.
  • Operationalizing the Fellowship community strategy in action plans and tracking the performance of each touch point.
  • Owning the community’s voice and image, by collaborating with our brand and content teams to successfully position the ALX Fellowship to our market.
  • Coordinating job tracking initiatives across different teams to reach our 2M jobs target by 2030.
  • Implementing retention strategies by leveraging the community loyalty programme, which includes a points system for engagement and an affinity card model.
  • Guiding and optimize the team's performance and operational efficiency, including leading on the development of processes and playbooks.
  • Skillfully managing financial resources to ensure effective implementation of strategic initiatives and drive revenue opportunities.
  • Nurturing and managing relationships with key stakeholders across the organisation to foster collaboration and support for Fellowship endeavours. This includes collaborating with our Product, Data, Learning, Brand, and City teams amongst others.
  • Holding oneself and the team accountable for achieving measurable results: high engagement rate, high NPS, high self-reporting rates, and revenue generated from the community. 

In essence, the Global Fellowship Lead orchestrates a harmonious interplay of leadership, strategy, and execution to propel The Fellowship toward unparalleled success.



  • 6-7 years of hands-on experience in tech community building and engagement, social media management, alumni relations, or related fields.
  • Strong background in online tech community engagement strategies, to include content curation and programming with a focus on skills development, and relationship building.
  • Experience in analyzing data and generating reports  to  inform decision making processes and strategy.
  • Demonstrated ability to craft and execute strategic plans aligned with organizational goals.
  • Proven leadership track record in tech, inspiring diverse teams toward shared objectives.
  • Expertise in budget management, financial planning, and resource allocation, optimizing impact on Fellowship initiatives.
  • Proficient in project management methodologies, with a successful track record overseeing complex projects.
  • Willingness to regularly take on new challenges, experimenting, learning and growing with a positive attitude.