crowdpharm Remote Full-time 2024-03-20

Job: Pricing Analysis & Global Pricing Strategy Consultant

Company: Hot Iron Health 

Location: Remote  

Job Type: Freelance  

Job Description:  

Hot Iron Health is seeking a Freelance Pricing Analysis & Global Pricing Strategy Consultant with expertise in pricing analysis and strategy development for pharmaceutical products. As a consultant, you will work closely with our team to analyze pricing trends, assess market dynamics, and develop pricing strategies to optimize product profitability and market competitiveness on a global scale. 

Here’s some more information about Hot Iron Health. We're not your typical consulting firm. We're a community of specialized healthcare strategists, dedicated to delivering exceptional services in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. Unlike traditional consulting firms, we focus on eliminating complexity and providing tailored solutions that align with our clients' strategic objectives. 

Our members understand that work isn't guaranteed but is based on the unique scopes of our clients' projects. So, when we're busy, you could be too! 

Our projects are designed to challenge your expertise, allowing you to grow your portfolio while earning competitive rates.  

To learn more about Hot Iron Health and to apply, click here:

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