Customer Experience Group Manchester, England, United Kingdom Contract 2024-06-24

Join the global community that enhances and elevates the experience of the most prestigious luxury brands in the world! CXG, a leading customer experience agency servicing premium and luxury brands, is looking for mission-based Customer Experience Evaluators who are existing luxury brand customers.

As a Freelance Luxury Brand Evaluator, you can perform several evaluations per month and provide your valuable feedback via a questionnaire. Your assignments will be as diverse as our luxury clients and industries, ranging from fashion and high-end jewelry to cosmetics, luxury watches, automotives, and more. Your evaluations may involve visiting a store, returning a purchase, buying a product online, or making an appointment with a store.

Please note: Applicants should not have worked for luxury retail brands to ensure the integrity and objectivity of the evaluations.

Your feedback can influence brand strategies and help shape a brand’s strategy, making this an opportunity for you to have a meaningful impact on the luxury market.


  • Conduct discreet evaluations of your favorite luxury brands in-store, online, or sometimes both.
  • Provide objective feedback about your experiences.
  • Choose assignments that align with your profile and interests.
  • Complete questionnaires after each evaluation.
  • Comply with all given project objectives and special requirements from the luxury brand we represent

How to Apply:

To become an evaluator with us, follow these simple steps:

  1. Fill in your contact information on the sign-up form. You’ll then receive an email with your credentials.
  2. Log into our platform and tell us more about yourself. Once this is done, our team will verify your profile and contact you.
  3. Check the ‘welcome package’ and pass the general certification.
  4. You’re now ready! You are now available for assignments and can browse and apply for any opportunities that interest you.

About CXG:

CXG is a global customer experience agency servicing premium and luxury brands. Our 12 offices around the world are able to service 70 countries. We are a team of 220+ customer experience experts and a network of over 80,000 evaluators worldwide. Learn more about what we do at

Enjoy the flexibility of working from our mobile application where you can search and apply for missions, take certifications, submit surveys, and much more, all on the go.

Contact us for more information!


  • Must be 18 years or older (21 years or older in the United States).
  • Existing client of premium and luxury brands.
  • Not contractually engaged with any retail brands, to maintain integrity.
  • Punctual, organized, detail-oriented, reliable.
  • Observant, passionate about customer experience.
  • No prior experience needed, we look for honest feedback from real customers.