bibliu Remote job Full-time 2022-07-27

Department: Development

Reporting to: CTO

Location: Remote (based in the UK)

Contract Type: Full-time, Permanent

About Us

BibliU’s learning enablement platform empowers universities and colleges to automate learning content workflows and improve student outcomes, providing digital textbooks, monographs, and courseware more cost-effectively than ever before.

About our role

As our Engineering Manager, you will be managing a fantastic team of 6 that focuses on the student side of BibliU’s operations. Working closely with your dedicated Product Manager, you will be delivering new solutions that will drive student learning outcomes while also prioritising maintenance of existing projects that students depend upon. This role is actually a very important one for us as you will be in charge of developing our first pure SaAs offering, which is an add-on to our existing content management system. You will be delivering and providing technical solutions to mobile and application projects. Through producing scoping documents with the team, you will be there to help them plan and unblock them whenever needed. 

As a member of our Engineering Leadership, you will have the opportunity to work with the team to lead the direction of our mobile offerings as we look to iterate on our existing stack. Be it Iconic, NativeScript, React Native, Capacitor or Flutter, your experience and knowledge will help us inform our decisions.

This is a new team within our function and being the Team Lead will give you ample opportunity to take initiative and take action to help the team deliver its projects. BibliU is a remote-first company and our engineers are spread across different countries and timezones. Working with people from different cultures can be very exciting but, as a Team Lead, you will make your team members feel connected and empowered, no matter how far they are from each other physically. 

At BIbliU, we have a strong engineering culture of mentorship/coaching and training. As an Engineering Manager, you will be there to lead your team and help each different employee grow and reach their full potential. We will give you all the support you need inside the engineering leadership team and we will also be keen to learn from you.

Areas of responsibility

As an Engineering Manager you will be responsible for:

  • Management and personal development of your engineering team (1:1, Reviews, OKRs etc)

  • Contributing to architectural discussions and helping us make technical implementation decisions

  • Troubleshooting issues and maintaining our existing stack

  • Communicating with external stakeholders about technical implementations

  • Coaching and supporting team members

Technologies we use:

Platforms: AWS, Retool

Infrastructure: Terraform, AWS CDK

Runtimes: Node.js, AWS Lambda, Electron, Cordova

Backend Frameworks: Express

Languages: Typescript/JavaScript

Frontend Tooling: Lit, Webcomponent

Databases: MySQL, DynamoDB