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The Snowflake Director of Professional Services & Training Global Operations is the ultimate hybrid and focuses on a mix of responsibilities within multiple areas of critical focus and required competence. They will be expected to work across and have experience in project and delivery management, quality assurance and delivery validation, operations field support, technology infrastructure as well as legal and compliance, financial management, and marketing and business development. The ability to effectively recruit, manage, and grow a team of skilled professionals and work cross-functionally with leaders across PS&T is critical.

The ideal candidate will possess an Operations background in the technology industry at a global scale and be comfortable engaging with senior stakeholders. The candidate must also have experience in presenting compelling presentations and demonstrate the ability to think strategically.  


Team Enablement:

  • Create training and development programs to enhance employee skills and knowledge 
  • Develop an approach to measure the effectiveness of programs and to proactively identify skill gaps or other areas of focus for future programs
  • Present a quarterly plan to be reviewed and validated across PS&T leadership for global enablement support among others

Project and Delivery Management: 

  • Own the tool infrastructure and methodologies to plan, execute, and monitor client projects
  • Allocate resources to ensure optimal utilization of staff
  • Implement risk management strategies to identify and mitigate potential project issues via data insights/reporting
  • Develop a “delivery methodology” built on Snowflake practices and products

Quality Assurance and Delivery Validation: 

  •  Ensure quality control processes to maintain service standards and deliverables 
  •  Continuously improve initiatives to enhance service delivery efficiency and effectiveness 

Ops Field Support:

  • Ensure “Ops partners” are aligned at the geo level globally and enact “dotted line” reporting to geo leads

Technology Infrastructure: 

  • Develop or maintain systems for day-to-day operations focused on in-house capabilities where possible to tune/specialize the business supporting infrastructure

Legal and Compliance: 

  • Oversee contract management support to streamline the execution of contracts and SOWs 
  • Focus on risk assessment and management to identify and address potential legal and compliance issues 

Financial Management: 

  • Work within accounting systems to manage invoices, expenses, and financial reporting 
  • Oversee budgeting and forecasting to plan for future growth and investment, including departmental budgeting in motion with Finance
  • Own reporting insights to drive business decisions based on team needs, trends, predictions, hot spots, etc. and ensure regular execution and delivery against the roadmap

Marketing and Business Development: 

  • Leverage Demand-gen Marketing support to promote services and attract new business as well as Internal Marketing support to promote services within internal functions 
  • Fulfill the Services Product marketing function within PS&T to own Services Products (collateral, positioning, value) and align them with Snowflake Marketing and Enablement functions 
  • Oversee the overall yearly plan for Marketing, comprised of individual marketing campaigns that will be run to fulfill priority goals, and develop an approach to measure the effectiveness of campaigns

Business Improvement: 

  • Program manage Snowflake PS&T’s business improvement initiatives (i.e. Operating Pillars) while embedding into the business and anticipating/driving initiatives forward in conjunction with leadership


On Day One We Will Expect You To Have:

  • 15+ years of relevant industry experience in the Services Operations and/or Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Deep leadership and team management experience at a global scale, including hiring, onboarding, up-skilling and providing clear feedback to ensure employee engagement and growth
  • Experience developing tool infrastructure and methodologies to enable flawless project management
  • Ability to assess needs and allocate resources to ensure optimal utilization of staff, including a proactive supply & demand management to forecast future resource underages and/or overages
  • Hands-on experience in budgeting and forecasting, contract management, and working with or building project delivery and accounting tools to manage delivery, invoicing, expenses, and financial reporting 
  • Experience leveraging reporting insights to drive business decisions based on team needs, trends, predictions, hot spots, etc. and documentation of regular execution and delivery against the roadmap


  • Unique opportunity to work on a truly disruptive software product
  • Hands-on experience with bleeding edge data warehouse technology
  • Develop, lead and execute an industry-changing initiative
  • Learn from the best! Join a dedicated, experienced team of professionals

Every Snowflake employee is expected to follow the company’s confidentiality and security standards for handling sensitive data. Snowflake employees must abide by the company’s data security plan as an essential part of their duties. It is every employee's duty to keep customer information secure and confidential.