Public Goods United States Full-time 2024-02-08

Public Goods is building a destination for consumers who care about their impact. We’re looking for kind, mission-driven people who want to work with high-performing and highly collaborative teams — people who want to make a visible impact on the company and, ultimately, the world. We’re growing fast and have investors who’ve backed category-defining businesses such as Peloton, Kickstarter, and Etsy.

We are looking for a consultant to do a customer research project. This person will conduct comprehensive customer research, focusing on gathering detailed information through social media, Linkedin, and real estate channels. This project will enhance our understanding of our customers’ needs, preferences, and behaviors, thereby shaping our product offerings and marketing strategies.

Looking for someone who is familiar with social media search and who are detail oriented. We are looking to reasearch 50 customer profiles, the comp for this project is $300.