isostech Remote job Full-time 2022-06-08

Isos Technology is looking for an energetic and personable professional to join our team. The right candidate will be a team player who effectively builds relationships both inside and outside the organization. He/she is dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of our clients and consultants. This professional consultant works directly with clients for effective deployment of Isos Technology products and services. This individual is a self-starter who values team input and is willing to give input for the betterment of the team.

Leadership Responsibilities:

As an Atlassian Consultant you will function as the client facing primary single point of contact for Atlassian services engagements. You will have the following responsibilities:

  • Manage day-to-day client communications, including creation of weekly status report and facilitation of weekly status call
  • Manage end-to-end lifecycle based projects, including management and progress of internal implementation team; coordinate resourcing needs with peer level Senior Atlassian consultants and C-Level operations and support staff
  • Create iteration based prioritized backlogs of work required to fulfill contracted customer strategic objectives 
  • Manage engagement scope in terms of budget and resource constraints; identify and manage risks and escalate blocking issues as needed
  • Create and manage complete Jira projects (or sub-projects) including roles, issue types, components, workflows, release based configuration for engagements adhering to Isos internal Jira implementation guidelines.
  • Function as the product owner for the Atlassian Services implementation, specifically
    • Work with Isos internal and client implementation resources to groom the backlog of work activities required to meet all the business objectives of the engagement
    • Schedule and coordinate all stand-up and planning meetings
    • Maintain and provide access to accurate task lists, especially Kanban boards, Scrum boards and any other required artifacts that express specific tasks, completion status and dependent activities
    • Coordinate execution of tasks for Isos internet and dependent client resources throughout engagements 
  • Report on status and progress to leadership for stakeholder organizations within an engagement
  • Occasional weekend work and travel are required for this position

Subject Matter Expertise Responsibilities:

As an Atlassian Consultant you will support sales and marketing of Atlassian Services. You will have the following responsibilities:

  • Serve as Atlassian Tools Subject Matter Expert; advise clients on Atlassian and Isos Atlassian Services best practices, guidelines and recommendations  
  • Provide support to business development team for pitches, proposals, and pre-engagement budget estimation and contract creation; draft statements of work (SOW’s) and change management (including Change Orders and engagement Risk Assessments) as needed throughout contracted client engagements
  • Work with business development and client stakeholders to establish budgets, and once established be primarily responsible for ensuring Isos services are delivered within budget for each contracted engagement you lead.
  • Establishing and being responsible for staying within budgets for contracted engagements you will convert customer strategic objectives into artifacts that:
    • Detail specific and achievable implementation level objectives and tactics for contracted engagements
    • Express process complexity, technical complexity, required skills and resource allocations required to fulfill the business objectives
    • Address risk and phasing constraints for both Isos and clients
  • Regularly contribute informative and engaging original content to be used in Isos Atlassian Services marketing efforts in the form of white papers, blog posts and social media status updates

Solution Implementation Capabilities

As an Atlassian Consultant you will provide implementation and tool management leadership for Atlassian technologies. You will have the following responsibilities:

  • Administer Atlassian Products and collaborate with Technical consultants and client resources to maintain and ensure reliability of application instances
  • For Jira based implementations, advise and train client resource on how to configure use and maintain global and project specific Jira configurations, with specific focus on: 
    • creating Jira project roles, issue types, components, workflows, release based configuration 
    • advise and assist client resources in creating organizing and managing screen schemes, permission schemes and notification schemes
    • for contracted Jira implementations preparing documentation, preparing train the trainer materials and conducting hand off training 
  • Schedule and coordinate with Technical Lead on doing maintenance for critical systems