Virtual Staff 365 Philippines Part-time 2024-02-04

Our client is an Australian-owned and operated online fundraising and crowdfunding platform that connects people to causes they care about.

They are now looking to hire a Bookkeeper who can assist them with accounting-related duties and has a strong knowledge of MYOB and Excel.

Job Responsibilities:

    • Perform monthly bank reconciliation for NAB Operation & NAB Trust accounts
    • Generate and provide invoices as requested through the BK channel as needed
    • Record AMEX statements issued on the 30th by the 10th of each month
    • Manage accounts payable processes
    • Pre-prepare end-of-month (EOM) financial activities
    • Verify end-of-month (EOM) reports
    • Respond to and address help desk tickets promptly
    • Review tickets in Zendesk related to payables
    • Import checks and prepare the Payable Report
    • Validate end-of-month (EOM) records in MYOB through direct import
    • Update Profit and Loss (P & L) statements
    • Conduct reconciliation activities in Xero for financial accuracy


  • Strong understanding of bank reconciliation processes, specifically for NAB Operation & NAB Trust every month.
  • Proficiency in handling AMEX statements.
  • Familiarity with Accounts Payable procedures, including the import of checks and preparation of Payable Reports.
  • Experience in pre-preparing End-of-Month (EOM) reports and conducting thorough EOM report verification.
  • Ability to update Profit & Loss (P & L) statements accurately and promptly.
  • Proficient in using financial software platforms such as MYOB, Xero, and BK channels for invoice generation.
  • Competence in importing checks and data.
  • Prior experience in answering help desk tickets, specifically related to payables, and effectively resolving queries.


  • ​Permanent work-from-home set-up
  • Dayshift (Australian business hours)
  • Part-time job
  • HMO
  • Paid leave
  • Christmas Bonus equivalent to 1 month’s wage (pro-rata)