Mitek Spain Part-time

Mitek (NASDAQ: MITK) is a global leader in digital & biometric identity authentication, fraud prevention, and mobile deposit solutions. Our verified identity platform and advanced image capture solutions are built on the latest advancements in biometric recognition, artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning, and trusted by over 7,500 organizations worldwide. We are headquartered in San Diego, California, with operations in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Mexico, and the Netherlands. Visit us at
At Mitek, we believe that teams are stronger and more innovative when they have the range of opinions and perspectives that come from diversity. Very simply, we know that diversity is a foundational strength for our organization. A diverse workforce makes for stronger teams as a wider breadth of thinking and experience broadens the power of our collective mind. Building stronger teams is foundational to serving our customers comprehensively, innovating our products and solutions, and enabling more impactful decision-making across our business.   
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The Check Deposits R&D Team is responsible for ensuring that Check Deposits technology delivers accurate image quality assessment, check layout analysis, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) extraction of printed and handwritten characters, and check fraud detection.
As part of this team, you will play a key role in the supervised training and testing of advanced computer vision algorithms and deep learning models that provide state-of-the-art performance on check processing and authentication and also detect fraud on transactions involving checks. Labeled data of high quality is the primary requirement for the smooth operation of any AI model. 

What you do (main duties)

  • As an Associate Data Annotation Specialist, you will be responsible for executing visual and text data annotation tasks. Examples of these tasks include but are not limited to:
  • a) Identify regions on an image of a check, such as the Date, Payee, and Amount fields, and accurately annotate these regions with bounding boxes.
  • b) Transcribe the content of a field on the image to text with high accuracy and quality.
  • c) Compare signatures to determine if they are from the same person.
  • d) Determine if two fields have been written using the same font type.
  • You will work closely with the Data Annotation Specialist, who will provide you with specific training and mentoring to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the annotated data, and you will report any issues that you may encounter during the annotation process.

What you need (to be successful in this role)

  • Responsible, accurate, and with strong attention to detail.
  • Ability to work with focus and at a high pace, while keeping constant attention.
  • Strong team player with a positive attitude.
  • Proactive communicator who can effectively report issues and concerns.
  • Willingness to learn and adapt to changes and new technologies.
  • Confident user of computers.
  • Good communication skills, both written and verbal in English. Spoken Russian would be a plus.
  • Familiarity with deep learning frameworks is not required.
  • No previous experience is required, but experience working with annotation tools and platforms for visual and textual data is a plus.

What we offer you

  • Participate in a highly innovative and fast-growing tech industry that makes the world a safer place for millions of users every day.
  • Be part of a strong community that shares the same values.
  • Flexible hours and the possibility to work remotely (in Spain) or from our office near Barcelona.
  • Work in a highly diverse, inclusive, and Agile native ecosystem.
  • In-house learning and development opportunities.
  • Part-time, 20h/week permanent position.