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Sr Back End PHP Engineer

Full Time


Rasmus Lerdorf, PHP's creator, once said, “I actually hate programming, but I love solving problems.” Funny story, but we're looking for someone who actually likes both! We're searching for a Senior Backend Engineer skilled in PHP and Laravel to join our client's team. They offer brands the opportunity to capitalize on social connections to increase their influence, power up their content, and take their social networks to the next level by enabling genuine social conversations with their audiences.

As a Senior Backend Engineer, you will implement code patterns, system design decisions, and best practices in software engineering and collaborate with the other tech teams to coordinate API structure and flows. Their system is made up of a dozen microservices, most of which are in Laravel using Lucid architecture, and a few are in Go.


These are the skills we're looking for

  • Comprehend and implement technical specifications in written text and visual diagrams
  • Write and maintain reusable, tested, and clean code
  • Expertise in design patterns with a particular love for SOLID
  • Anticipate and communicate design decisions before implementation
  • Estimate task completion, prioritizing timely delivery and reducing the risk of delays
  • Openness to learning new languages and skills



  • Solid experience building production-grade PHP applications
  • Experience working with Laravel & PostgreSQL (or MySQL)
  • Proficiency in writing tests in PHPUnit with moderate code coverage (around 70%)
  • Experience integrating social media APIs such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube (or other third parties)
  • Knowledge of using Git for collaborating on the same codebase
  • Experience in a multi-tenant environment with several codebases 
  • Skilled in using Docker for development
  • Experience working in an Agile environment


Nice to have experience with:

  • R
  • Go
  • Redis
  • Neo4j
  • RabbitMQ

We hope we caught your attention and that you'll use the form below to apply for this position! And remember – this is a remote opportuntiy and always will be!

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