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GM of New Verticals

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The Role

Pilot has significant traction with startups and technology companies. We deeply understand these customers and have built a product that startups know and love. However, the vision for Pilot is not to be the financial back office for startups, it's to be the financial back office for every company. We believe the best way to do this is by expanding in a vertical-specific way, because each verticals have different buyer behavior, go-to-market motions, product needs, and willingness to pay.
We’re looking for someone to be the General Manager of our New Verticals effort at Pilot. You’ll report directly to the CEO, and will have broad authority over our pursuit of new verticals expansion. Each vertical we pursue will have a Vertical Lead, reporting to you, who you’ll work closely with to ensure we’re achieving our goals. The objective is to make significant revenue progress in multiple verticals on the timescale of 3-4 quarters.
We have nascent efforts in several verticals: we have one Vertical Lead who heads up our efforts in consumer goods & retail, and two open roles for other verticals we’re excited to explore. Your role will involve working closely with the existing team to accelerate their efforts, while also kickstarting new efforts. You’ll need to take on a diverse set of work in a self-starting manner. The role may involve joining sales calls, sketching out marketing collateral, hiring people and teams, and doing whatever is necessary to make these initiatives work. You’ll have the opportunity to flex both strategic and operational muscles, and think short- and long-term every day. 

Key Responsibilities

At the highest level, the objective is simple: help Pilot grow revenue in new verticals, ensuring that the customer experience is world-class. Of course, “simple” does not mean “easy,” and to do that will require some of the items below:
  • Market sizing and analysis: thoughtfully identify and aggressively execute a plan to grow in the verticals we think are most promising
  • Hiring: Hire and guide an initial team tasked with pursuing each vertical
  • Top of funnel marketing: in conjunction with the vertical lead, identify scalable sources of good leads, and execute campaigns to drive lead generation
  • Customer acquisition: assist with the sales process throughout the funnel, including leading sales calls with prospects when it makes sense
  • Retention and account management: working closely with our verticals leads to support Pilot clients with industry-specific expertise
  • Operations: be the internal champion for our new verticals, identifying and articulating process changes needed to better serve our clients

About You

  • You’re an ex-startup founder, or you have 7+ years work experience, with an analytical/quantitative or strategy background, ideally at a B2B SaaS startup
  • Strong “general athlete” who thrives in a dynamic, cross-functional role that requires both long-term strategic thinking and day-to-day execution
  • Excellent strategic thinking chops backed by strong quantitative skillset
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to distill complex issues into structured frameworks and concrete action plans
  • Highly entrepreneurial and comfortable working in a fast-paced environment with minimal guidance
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