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Enterprise Application Engineer – Full Stacks US/Canada Remote

Full Time

Website Arm Treasure Data

At Treasure Data you can expect a work environment where the team is collaborative and open to your ideas, while we keep our collective focus on supporting our customers’ needs. At Treasure Data we consistently offer scalable and flexible applications to our over 450 enterprise customers. 
As an Enterprise Applications (EA) Engineer, you will join the New Markets team to play a definitive role in delivering “beyond marketing” applications with the best tools and prototyping packages and also help our other internal stakeholders and external customers to get a better understanding of Treasure Data’s new applications.
As an EA Engineer, you will be required to have an excellent understanding of our company’s products in order to demonstrate the features of the company’s new applications, a high level of skills to build and deliver new prototypes and create customized software applications to support the core Go-To-Market teams.
Enterprise Application Engineer Responsibilities:
•Working as part of an application engineering-focused team to investigate, create, and professionally package applications usable by enterprise customers.
•Investigating new platforms, applications, and technologies, and making recommendations for the market.
•Drafting and delivering presentations on targeted products.
•Working both on backend and frontend to create featured applications. 
•Designing and installing customized software and hardware applications for the customer if it’s needed.
•Testing the performance of the installed prototypes both on the and fixing the bugs.
•Providing post-installation follow-ups with enterprise customers and making improvements to the applications.
•Developing relationships and maintaining professional relations with the product, engineering, and Go-To-Market teams. 
•Writing and reading technical documents.
•Supporting the Go-To-Market teams with all technical and training support.
Your background and skills should include
•Familiarity with Open-source Treasure Data products and technology such as Digdag, embulk, and
•Master of Software Engineering or Bachelor of Software Engineering, with 1-5 years of experience in the same field or equivalent in SaaS applications.
•High level of communication skills (speaking / writing) in English.
•Excellent knowledge of Python, SQL, and Presto, and any experience in data analytics will be an added advantage.
• Hands-on experience with front-end JS libs, React native, mobile application development, Node, and a good understanding of APIs.
We would be thrilled if you
•Have some experience of working in the Life Science or pharmaceutical industry.
•Have passion for Problem solving and innovations.
•Have strong skills in technical writing and documentation.
•Team working ability and willingness to learn and grow in a team environment.
•Multitasking and flexibility to work on multiple projects simultaneously and meet tight deadlines.
•Ability to present ideas in a clean, user-friendly way.
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