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Data Delivery Engineer

Full Time

Website HealthVerity

How you will help
You will assist the data delivery team with optimizing the data extraction and delivery process to ensure accurate and on-time data deliveries that meet client expectations. To achieve this, you will dive in to fix issues, optimize processes, and automate what you and the data delivery team do more than once. You will use the best tools for the job, whether modern and revolutionary or time tested and proven, to deliver elegant, scalable solutions that meet business and technical needs.
What you will do
•Work with internal stakeholders to understand business needs for data deliveries
•Troubleshoot and resolve issues relating to data extraction and delivery
•Help establish procedures and best practices for extracting and delivering data
•Work with some of the most exciting open-source tools like Spark, Hadoop, Airflow, Zeppelin
•Leverage distributed computing and serverless architecture such as AWS EMR
•Enjoy the peace that comes with working in a mature software development environment 
•Research and implement new technologies with a team of developers to execute strategies and implement solutions
•Produce peer reviewed quality routines
•Solve complex problems related to the real-time discovery of large data
•Continue to develop broader and deeper knowledge of data assets and analytic methodologies everyday
About You
You are…
• Experienced in writing scalable applications on distributed architectures
• Data driven, testing and measuring as much as you can
• Eager to both review peer code and have your code reviewed
• Confident in SQL, you know it, write smart queries, it’s no big deal
• Passionate about data and optimizing processes around it
• Excited about building and creating production processes that run on time, efficiently, and correctly
• A self-starter that enjoys working in a small, rapidly changing, fast paced environment
• Extremely comfortable working with large data sets 
Required skills and experience
• 5+ years of work experience
• 3+ years of experience with SQL
• 3+ years of experience with Python
• 3+ years of experience with Spark (writing, testing, debugging spark routines)
• 1+ years of experience with AWS EMR, AWS S3 service
• Comfortable using *nix command line (shell scripting, AWK, SED)
• Comfortable working in remote environments
• Able to gather requirements, test strategies, design deliverables
• Proven analytical, evaluative, and problem-solving abilities
• Extensive experience working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment
Desired experience
• Experience with Apache Airflow
• Experience with Apache Zeppelin
• Knowledge of healthcare industry data utilized by manufacturers, payers, clearing houses, etc.
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