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Flavio, Italian father who realized his son’s dream.

The man, forty years old and having economic difficulties, asked the well-known Danish brick company, Lego, if there was a chance to work for them, emphasizing the great passion of his son (9 years) for astronomy.

In fact, the child for his birthday wanted the Lego model of the orbiting station, which was too expensive for the economic possibilities of the father who for the sake of his son wrote to the company if it was possible to make that price more accessible.

Incredibly Lego emailed back to the man promising the game so beloved to the child :

“Dear Flavio, I read your mail carefully and I can understand the difficult moments you are going through. I’m sure you’re a great parent, and Manuel must be proud of you. Usually we don’t send free items, but this time I’ll make an exception and send you a present for little Manuel, so this August you can have fun together with Lego”.

Unfortunately, the man found no employment, but he made a bold gesture and full of love for his son, which can still be considered a victory