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Coronavirus:What do employers look for in applicants?

During the pandemic the skills requested by companies in anticipation of an interview, have changed. In fact, what is required of applicants is the ability to face today’s challenges.

But how can you face these challenges? Two experts from the Careerhq Association, said that what you need is: adaptability and digital knowledge.

“Things like creativity, flexibility and adaptability are becoming required skills.”

In addition, there is also a great demand for speed in adapting quickly to unexpected situations, and it is of great interest to employers to understand how applicants are motivated, what is really important and classified as important/urgent for them.

Although, during the pandemic, most of interviews were done electronically and not in person, this does not mean that the candidate should not look good.

Otherwise, what the experts advise is to give importance to this aspect, for example, taking into account the lighting, the frame of the shot and the appropriate appearance for this medium.

“Make sure your posture is open and don’t overdo the gestures”.

They also advise job seekers to practice first impressions with your boss, for example by smiling in a way that transmits energy.

So in future interview, try to follow most of these little tricks and above all make sure that the skills listed above are well developed